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Capture Your Birth Story

Birth photography isn’t all about pictures of babies crowning…if this is what you desire, then great! But it is also about capturing the little moments, your full birth story, the connection between you and your birthing partner, any siblings, your support network, your birth setting. Imagine the moment you meet your baby for the first time, now imagine having this moment captured to look back on for years to come, transporting you right back to the day you discovered your inner power and birthed your babe.

Birth is such a powerful experience, but your brain is also amazing at making sure you forget most of it. I know first-hand exactly how it feels to try to piece it back together, to try to retell your birth story through a hazy recollection. Let me piece it together for you. I can guarantee you it will amaze you.

Adelaide Birth Photographer - Mum and Dad crying as their baby boy is placed on Mums chest following being born by caesarean
Meeting their firstborn son
Adelaide Birth Photographer - Woman staring into camera lying her front on a bed, holding her doulas hand
Between two Worlds – 3 minutes before her babe was earth side
Adelaide Birth Photography - Woman leaning on birthing ball in bathroom under shower with hands tense due to contraction
Riding the surge under the warmth of the shower
Newborn babe skin to skin

Why book me?

I am ABSOLUTELY passionate about capturing birth stories, I never found a birth photographer when I had my children and it is still one of my biggest regrets not documenting my babies births. I have been working with mothers to be and parents and newborns for the past several years and it has grown to be my complete passion. Whether I am supporting parents or photographing their journey, this is where I am happiest. This is why I have continued to train in this area, not in just photography, but I am also a Doula, a UK equivalent of a Lactation Consultant, a Hypnobirthing practitioner and I have a degree which qualifies me to work closely with parents and children and support them. Alongside my photography experience and qualifications, I also certified in Birth Photography (Lacey Barratt Exposing Birth Course). This enables me to go into your birth with a deep knowledge base to deliver the best possible images for you and to ensure I am working safely in your birth space. I know birth inside out, I know your birth ques both verbal and non-verbal, I can tell when you are close to delivering baby before the midwife even tells you because I understand the physiological process.

With all this said, most of all I am friendly, down to earth, passionate and here for you and your journey.


If you are having a planned c-section I offer a discount, with prices starting at $1095.

Unsure about the upfront cost? I have partnered with Payright, enabling you to still have your birth documented but at payments which suit you and your family. Please get in touch for further details.

How Booking Works

Booking a birth photographer can be daunting, to make things simpler I’ve broken down what happens:

1. We chat over the phone, you give me an idea of your birth plan and we discuss how you wish to document such a massive moment in your life, this also give us both a chance to see if we have an initial connection.

2. We organise to meet, this gives you and your birth partner time to decide if you believe I will positively impact your birth space.

3. If you decide to book you complete a questionnaire which provides me with all the vital information for the day, you read over the contract and finer details and pay the deposit.

4. We all wait until the big day, I officially go on call when you reach 38 weeks, however as I am being invited into such a sacred space I am available throughout your pregnancy, just a call or text away.

By booking me you are not just getting a photographer, you are investing in someone who is passionate about birth and supporting women. I give my all to each of my clients, I am here for your journey.

Kind Words…

I ummed and ahhhhed for such a long time about getting a birth photographer and boy I am so thankful that I made the decision to get one! Each photo tells a story of the exact moment in time and reminds me of the powerful roller coaster of emotions that overtook me during labour. The photos show the incredible support I had from my husband and birth team and how their encouragement, touch and love helped me through labour. My mind was overcome with dealing with the pain and riding each wave and contractions, that it was too hard to know or recall what was going on around me. One photo that I will cherish is a photo of [my husband] showing me pictures of [our firstborn daughter] when the pain was that intense, I was ready to give up! I forgot that he had even done this until I was looking through my birth gallery and as soon as I saw the photo it took me back to that moment when I was ready to throw the towel in, when I truly thought I couldn’t go on. As I continue looking through the photos it reminds me of the strength and empowerment I some how managed to obtain to birth my beautiful girl. I look back on these memories captured and know that I am able to conquer anything. I highly highly recommend Sami Richardson, who is an excellent photographer but also a beautiful soul who will add so much love and courage to your birth team! Her photos are truly incredible, check out her insta page and if you are thinking of a birth photographer DO IT! You won’t regret it!

Dani – December 2019

But why hire a professional birth photographer?

These are my babies first precious moments captured by my husband, who was trying his best, bless him! At my last birth in 2018, I desperately wanted a birth photographer but couldn’t find one. With all my photography experience and knowledge, I was determined to come out with some amazing images to cherish, however again this was not the case. My daughter was born so quick, from 5cm to earthside in 55 minutes, that all my plans and ambitions went out the window as I lay there holding her repeating “oh my god” in disbelief. All my ambitions for photographs and my wishes following delivery, out the window again. I don’t even own one picture of myself and my husband with any of our newborn children.

If you would like to chat about capturing your birth then message me any questions you have or contact me to arrange to chat

Birth Photography Adelaide - Siblings and Grandma meeting newborn baby for the first time and finding out gender
Gender reveal of newest sibling