Adelaide Doula

Birth is such a powerful moment in a woman’s life, I believe that if a woman is truly supported during birth, acknowledged as the expert of her body and in her full power to make informed choices…then this experience can positively influence not only her birth but the rest of her life.

Guiding you through one of the most momentous moments of your life, is what I live for. My role as a Doula is to remind you of how incredibly powerful you can be when you are connected to your body and to keep you within your body and out of your head. I will work with you throughout your pregnancy and get to know you, this is the only way I can best support you in your birth. By knowing you, I know how to keep you in a perpetual state of personal power so you can birth your baby your way. I will transform into what you need when you need it, an intuitive dance, I will be by your side and pull back when you need space.

I will be your giant walking, talking affirmation card, reminding you of what it is you need at that exact moment

I want to help you drop any negative stories in your head and enter your birth space confident, excited and surrounded by loving support. This is about investing in yourself for not only your birth but your ability there on in to step into a sense of knowing and be more certain of yourself. I will be your continuity of care, centred around you, knowing your birth wishes inside out.

A positive birth is based on positive relationships, please get in touch for my packages, including my Doulatog package and if you feel good about it, your free consultation to see if we connect.

Sami xx