Why invest in a Birth Photographer?

5 reasons you should invest in a Birth Photographer

By Sami Richardson – Adelaide Birth Photographer

As a Birth Photographer I experience a range of emotions when someone asks me what I do for work. From the excited amazement and a barrage of questions to the confused and a little disgusted look, followed by “do people actually want to photograph that?!”. I enjoy telling people because I literally never know what the response will be! But whatever the response it doesn’t waver my passion because I truly believe that photography should be in the birth place and here is why…

1. To celebrate your power and strength and to support your postnatal journey. Giving birth, however that looks for you, is an incredible feat. You have created and carried your baby for months, you have accomplished your birth and to have these moments to look back on is priceless. These images are also there to keep your oxytocin flowing in the early days, a good birth photographer should be sending you a couple of images across within 48 hours of your birth because they know how powerful they can be for maintaining oxytocin, the love hormone, which in turn encourages attachment, supports breastfeeding and keeps you in your amazing post birth bubble.

2. Birth photography captures your story, when done right, it enables you to visualise what happened, right back to the feeling in the room, your reactions, your emotions, the little details, all there in front of you so you don’t have to try to piece it back together. You then own these memories for life, for future generations, they can be passed down, physically held in your hand and shared with your child, their first moments on the earth.

3. It enables your partner to be completely present in your birth, it gives you both chance to simply enjoy the moment, taking away any pressure on your partner to take photos (or if they are like my husband you try to instruct them on how to take a decent photo with no success!). Birth photography enhances your family connection, with no distractions, you are both able to soak in the moment fully and focus on bonding with your little one.

4. Birth Photography enables you to have someone else in the room for support, encouragement. Hiring a photographer to capture your birth is about connection, if you don’t connect to that person, they are not the right person to have in your birth. A birth photographer should be bringing positive energy to your birth, you should feel comfortable with them, connected, excited for them to be a part of your team. If you hire the right person that connection will be a part of your birth, they will want to support you, encourage you, they will be able to read you and your cues. A birth photographer should know birth, they should understand the physiology of birth, what to expect, how to work alongside midwives, doctors, they should add positively to your birth.

5. Birth is one of the biggest life changing moments of your life but I can guarantee you that your brain will delete sections of your birth. I’ve had mothers come to me saying they didn’t realise they held their baby before he/she went to special care, that’s one of your babies first moments gone, because your brain is trying to protect you. As a nation we hire photographers to capture events which are important to us – what’s more important than the birth of your child?

Sami x

Birth Photographer – Adelaide

The first moments together
The first feed
Taking it all in


If you haven’t already seen Mothercare’s Campaign #BodyProudMums then you need too! Thank you Mothercare for joining in with a conversation many of us have been having for some time now & starting a public media conversation about real women’s bodies. It’s about time!

Photos: Mothercare/Sophie Mayanne

When you have a baby the last thing you need to be doing is worrying about loosing weight but this is the situation most women find themselves in. We sadly live in a society where natural bodies are shamed and we are expected to hide our stretch marks in shame, bounce back to our pre-baby weight and not share our new bodies. Well this is something that needs to change.

Mothercare’s new campaign #BodyProudMums features 10 women celebrating the beauty of their post-both bodies, something which is sadly rarely portrayed in the media.

Photo: Mothercare/Sophie Mayanne

Is this enough? No. This is a conversation we need to keep going! We need to keep sharing images of our natural bodies, to keep showing other mothers to be proud of their new body, to embrace it, not to hide it in shame. We need to stop putting pressure on women to “bounce back”.

I personally have wasted the last 10 years of my life hating my body and hiding it away in shame. It wasn’t until my last pregnancy that I started to realise how amazing my body is, what it can achieve and how much it has been through. I’ve wasted all that energy, I’ve inflicted all that negativity on myself and why? Because I thought my body was ugly, that my skin should be smooth, that my stomach should be flat, that it should be like every body you see in the media that is deemed “beautiful”.

This is my why, this is why I work to empower other women to realise how beautiful they are. This is why I want to photograph you at your most vulnerable, to gift you with the realisation of how amazing and beautiful you are.

We need to continue this conversation, share these images, gift the next generation with the power of these images so they can continue the change and share for all these women that are hiding in shame, hide no more, embrace yourselves.

You are amazing.

Sami x